Purchasing Quality Dog Sweaters and Fleece T-shirts

Published: 11th March 2006
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Snoopy was comfortable sleeping in the snow on top of the dog house. Your pooch would rather stay warm in a comfortable sweater or fleece t-shirt.

Today, dog sweaters and fleece t-shirts are quality garments. Don't even both with those silly acrylic things pet stores use to carry and some still do carry. The dog sweaters and fleece t-shirts designed today are made of fine wools, angora, mohair, cashmere and top of the line fleece.

Finding the right fit for a sweater and/or fleece t-shirt can be a little tricky, but this also is much improved with sizes ranging from xxxs to xxxl, many are custom made to your dog's specific measurements. There is just as much variation in dog sizes as there are in human size clothing.

Sweaters and fleece t-shirts do have some leeway since they usually stretch a bit.

When trying on the sweater or fleece t-shirt the following is some points you need to take into consideration:

The garment should fit around the neck comfortably.

The legs should have a comfortable fit.

If the sweater or fleece t-shirt has sleeves, can the dog walk and move freely? The armholes should be large enough to allow movement, but snug enough to keep the warmth inside the sweater or fleece t-shirt.

If the sweater is held on with straps and ties, make sure they are loose enough to be comfortable and tight enough to not get snagged when your dog plays.

Be sure there is plenty of clearance for potty time.

If your long-haired dog is cut short or is just about to be cut short, remember the amount of hair affects the fit.

Getting in and out of the sweater or fleece t-shirt easily is an absolutely must. The same sweater or fleece t-shirt may work perfectly on one dog and be most difficult to get on and off of another dog. A sweater or fleece t-shirt that is an easy fit for a sleek Miniature Pinscher might not work so well for a Pekingese.

Cardigan sweaters are easiest to get on and off if they close on the back rather than the front of your dog. Zippers on sweaters can make it easier to get in and out of the sweater, but be sure that a zipper is not going to get caught in your dog's coat, and that the zipper is easy to slide open and closed. If the sweater comes with a Velcro fastener, make sure the Velcro is placed in a way that it doesn't get caught in your dog's coat.

Sweaters that have sleeves for all four legs can be more difficult to get on and off and can be more difficult to size correctly for your dog. These types of sweaters do add more warmth, however.

When looking for quality in your dog clothes remember that a high price is not always the hallmark of quality in dog clothing. Quality can mean seams are well-sewn and that the yarn or material is soft and comfortable, but the price tag be minimal. Most owners keep their dog's tummy trimmed short for cleanliness and the material touching this tender area of the dog should be comfortable for the dog. Also be sure the material is comfortable for you when you hold your dog in your arms. Comfort for you the owner also means quality in the garment.

If you are looking for maximum warmth for wear on a blustery cold day, look for sweaters made of wool. If you live in warmer climates of if the sweater is mostly for indoor use, synthetic fabrics and fleece t-shirts are fine.

Connie Limon is a Shih Tzu breeder. Buy fleece t-shirts and other dog accessories at: http://www.littleguysdogclothesshop.com

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