Shih Tzu - Food Allergens

Published: 02nd November 2005
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Ingredients that your shih tzu may be allergic to include beef and beef by-products, milk, yeast, yeast-containing foods, brewer's yeast (as given to shih tzu for supposed flea protection), corn and corn oil, pork, turkey, eggs, particularly the whites. Never give eggs raw. You can try a hard boiled egg. I have given my shih tzu hard boiled eggs without seeing an allergic reaction. Other ingredients might be fish and fish oils. To provide omega-3 fatty acids, which are very beneficial, you should look for foods prepared with flaxseed oil. Shih tzu may be allergic to foods containing wheat and wheat by-products (when in combination with other allergens) and soybeans.

Healthy shih tzu may not have trouble eating most foods, however, if you feed the same food daily for years, there is a potential for intolerance to develop. Any shih tzu can become allergic to any food. It might be a protein source, a fruit, a vegetable and just a small amount of the offending food could cause reactions. Food allergies may present with symptoms of intestinal upset such as vomiting or loose stools.

The best food I have ever used for my lines of shih tzu has been HealthyPetNet Life's Abundance which is fomulated by a holistic vet. I have definitely seen healthier puppies as a result of using Life's Abundance in pregnant, nursing moms and weaning puppies. I have witnessed a total "stop" to loose stools and no stomach upsets in the way of "vomiting." I have concluded my lines of shih tzu must have been allergic to some of the ingredients in the foods I was feeding before. Of course, you might have one shih tzu allergic to wheat and another shih tzu never to have a reaction.

The first three ingredients on the label usually make up most of the contents. Avoid any kind of dog food that contains chemical additives, artificial colors, artificial flavors, sweeteners, chemical preservatives and stabilizers. All these types of ingredients have the potential to cause problems for your shih tzu and give them nothing in the way of adequate nutrition.

I believe a daily supplement is needed for optimum health. Not all shih tzu are created equally, just as not all people are the same. A deficiency in one vitamin or mineral may leave your shih tzu vulnerable to disease. A shih tzu's demand for certain nutrients fluctuate for many reasons. During times of stress, Vitamin B is great support to the body. HealthyPetNet produces a daily dog food and supplement, which I think is well worth using if you feel your shih tzu is not getting optimum nutrition from the food you are feeding now.

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