What Is the American Canine Association Canine Registration Service?

Published: 12th February 2006
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The American Canine Association, Inc. is America's largest veterinary health tracking canine tracking registry. They are dedicated to positive change and improved registry standards for the canine industry, which includes our beloved Shih Tzu.

Their Corporate Office is located in Wilmington, Delaware.

Customer Service:

The American Canine Association maintains a Customer Service Center. They provide information to its customers on canine registration procedures, health tracking, veterinary referrals, and legislative issues, which include our beloved Shih Tzu. They are courteous and prompt at answering their calls. There are no long waits on the telephone with American Canine Association. The American Canine Association registration service provides customers with advice on house breaking, training, diet, immunizations, and a variety of other topics always just a phone call or email away. Records of registered canines, which include our beloved Shih Tzu, are carefully tracked and updated daily. Included in their registration services is 24 hours access to Ask A Vet and Ask A Trainer service free of charge for the life of your Shih Tzu or any dog registered with them.

Microchip registration is included in their one time registration fee and is electronically linked to animal control services worldwide.

Registering your Shih Tzu or any canine with ACA is virtually painless with an easy to use form. ACA also provides their customers with full pedigree services and certifications for health tracking, obedience and conformation titling. ACA offers certification and registration for Service Dogs free of charge. They have an Emergency Locator Service, which is staffed 24 hours a day throughout the year and offers customers lifetime notification should your registered pet get lost. The registration tag which accompanies your official registration certificate says I am lost. Please call 1 800 227 4260. The tag shows a personal identification number allowing ACA personnel to identify and contact the owner.

As the largest veterinary health tracking registry in the world, the American Canine Association implements health tracking policies, identifying procedures for addressing health problems, and advising ACA on canine health and behavior issues.

Canine Shows and Competitions

Regional clubs and organizations affiliated with the American Canine Association are eligible to receive staff support and assistance in planning and holding dog shows, which can be held as sanctioned events or promotional events. These events offer whole family opportunities to show off their family pet and come home with a ribbon.

The American Canine Association has been around since 1984. They provide a full range of services designed to assist both breeders and buyers. They document and track congenital defects providing a much-needed service for the canine industry and help to insure a healthier future for all canines. The American Canine Association recognizes the less than 9 pound Shih Tzu in a class of its own, which is Chinese Imperials. They offer an extensive range of free services and benefits.

For more information about The American Canine Association canine registration services please contact them directly either on their website or by phone at 1 800 651 8332.

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