What the Shih Tzu Owner Should Know About Grooming Part I

Published: 02nd March 2006
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The show dog Shih Tzu owner who does not want to groom his Shih Tzu himself should know what must be done and when. This knowledge is necessary so he/she can take the Shih Tzu to a professional groomer or handler for show grooming at the right time.

All Shih Tzu owners should know several basic grooming techniques. It is very important to use the right equipment. There are many different types of brushes, combs, clipper blades and other tools. If you use the wrong brush, brushing technique, comb or clipper blade you can easily break Shih Tzu's hair or give the Shih Tzu brush burn.

Some knowledge of anatomy is useful. You will need to maintain proper control of the Shih Tzu while grooming. Control points are used to alert the Shih Tzu to what the groomer wants him to do. Shih Tzu puppies are especially important for the groomer to control properly while grooming. Take care not to frighten the Shih Tzu during early grooming sessions. The grooming sessions should be fun for both the Shih Tzu puppy and the owner.

Introduce your new Shih Tzu puppy to grooming as soon as you bring him home. At the young age of 8 weeks Shih Tzu puppies usually learn proper grooming manners quickly if they are handled properly.

Aspects of grooming that contribute to a Shih Tzu's good health:

1. To prevent ear infection keep the Shih Tzu's ears clean of hair.

2. Remove excess wax promptly. This can be done with a piece of cotton that has been dipped in alcohol.

3. Be careful not to pry deep in the ear or stick anything small into the ear. If there is reason to do so, the Shih Tzu should be taken to a veterinarian.

4. Keep toenails trimmed and filed. This helps the Shih Tzu to walk easier and more comfortable as well as keeps him from snagging furniture or scratching owner's legs and arms.

5. Anal glands should be expressed to avoid discomfort to the dog by your veterinarian if you groom your Shih Tzu at home. The professional groomer can do this if you have your Shih Tzu professionally groomed.

6. All Shih Tzu owners should have some knowledge of ticks, fleas, and lice and know what to do if the Shih Tzu becomes infested with any of these parasites.

Shih Tzu can very easily be groomed completely at home if you learn some basic grooming techniques, use the right equipment and have some knowledge of anatomy of your Shih Tzu.

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